[Infographic] How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Over A Lifetime?

Growth on many social media are keep on ascending as each networks takes off new highlights and functionalities to be better for clients’ day by day time and commitment (e.g. Facebook Video and Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and so forth.).

All things considered, the amount of people using social isn’t just expanding, yet is joined by how much time individuals are spending every day via social media. Just on Facebook’s suite of possessed applications along (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger; bars WhatsApp), its users are spending a normal of 50 minutes every day. With the end goal to perceive how much the normal individual will eventually spend via social meida, we ascertained the time spent over the present most popular social media platforms and anticipated this figure over a whole lifetime.

Let’s see the infographic below  to know how much time is spent on social media over a lifetime?

How To Use Facebook New Features [3D Photo]?

Since last year, Facebook has launched a 360-degree panoramic photo feature for the world, and until recently it has quietly launched another new feature which is [3D Photo].

However, there is only iPhone with dual camera lens can upload 3D photos on Facebook. But, there are still many Apple users who have not discovered the existence of this new feature. Why?

In fact, there is a “HIDDEN mystery” to show this function out!

It’s doesn’t matter! Let [Wagogo Innovative]  teach you how to crack the “mystery” to open this feature on Facebook App at below!

  1. Make sure your iPhone has a dual camera lens such as iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X and XS.
  2. LIKE the Facebook 360‘s official FB Page at www.facebook.com/Facebook360 (Ensure you have LIKED this page to make the function appeared, otherwise there will nothing happened. )
  3. Exit the FB App completely and reopen the App again.
  4. Select [3D Photo] in the “Update Status” and upload the photo you took with PORTRAIT mode.

Attached with the official teaching video of Facebook 3D Photo below:

*All images above credited from Google Images.

The New Features in FB Ads Manager App

New highlights in the Facebook Ads Manager App make building ads on mobile more convenient!

The ad-creation tool has five new highlights, including the capacity to incorporate overlays, stickers, logos and others.

Facebook just gave advertisers more creative tools for building ads right from their telephones by means of the Ads Manager app.

While making a promotion on a mobile device, brands would now be able to incorporate text overlays, stickers, logos or color filters. There is additionally a picture cropper and a text policy checker that will caution the advertiser if the amount of copy in the ads surpasses Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

“These new creative tools enable you to make and edit ad images specifically from the Ads Manager application, sparing time and exertion,” says Facebook on the Facebook Business blog.

Launched in 2015, Facebook’s Ad Manager application was joined with its ad-creation tool (once in the past called Power Editor) in September of a year ago. The organization has kept on working out the Ads Manager application, most as of late including innovative revealing measurements and A/B ad testing capacities prior this year.

#All the images credit from Google Images.