[Infographic] How Much Time Is Spent On Social Media Over A Lifetime?

Growth on many social media are keep on ascending as each networks takes off new highlights and functionalities to be better for clients’ day by day time and commitment (e.g. Facebook Video and Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and so forth.).

All things considered, the amount of people using social isn’t just expanding, yet is joined by how much time individuals are spending every day via social media. Just on Facebook’s suite of possessed applications along (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger; bars WhatsApp), its users are spending a normal of 50 minutes every day. With the end goal to perceive how much the normal individual will eventually spend via social meida, we ascertained the time spent over the present most popular social media platforms and anticipated this figure over a whole lifetime.

Let’s see the infographic below  to know how much time is spent on social media over a lifetime?

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